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Infection Control Specialist
My goal is to help reduce infection in childcare centers and help maintain the overall wellness of the children and staff.


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Greg Watkins with the Share Corporation. Some people know me as Greg The Chemical Guy. Fifteen years ago my daughter was born and I had just started a new job in the chemical business. As most working parents do, my wife and I chose a child care center that we felt would suit our needs. Being concerned about my daughter’s new environment, and being new to the chemical industry, I asked what they used to disinfect with? Their reply was BLEACH! Knowing the basic chemistry about bleach, that it is caustic, toxic and can cause respiratory problems, I then I asked the director, “can you use anything else?” The reply was NO! So my quest began.

I started researching all of my company’s disinfectants and sanitizers. I took those products to my local health department then to our local licensing rep. Finally, I met with a State of Texas licensing rep out of Arlington, Texas who showed me that our products met the Minimum Standards for sanitizing and disinfecting. She introduced me the Minimum Standards 746:3407, 746:3409, 746:3411. I then knew not only could I make a change in my daughter’s life, but I could also make a change in every child’s life in the child care industry.

If you have the same passion that I do for making a difference in a child’s life, then join me in providing the safest chemicals for kids to be around while reducing illness in your schools!

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Share Corporation is a nationwide manufacturer of over 400 specialty chemicals serving institutions, industry and municipalities. Our strong commitment to producing environmentally friendly and superior quality products, as well as our dedication to “Excellence in All We Do” assures our continued dominance as an industry leader today, tomorrow and throughout the 21st century.


Share’s corporate headquarters is currently located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where today’s employees continue to realize Paul and Patricia Des Jardins’ initial vision to light and maintain the family tradition that they introduced throughout the entire company.

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