Coughing Germs


One of the first things you need to know about bleach is it is caustic and toxic. Bleach breaks down in a very short period of time. Think about a swimming pool. Chlorine, (A.K.A bleach), has to be added on a regular basis due to the fact it evaporates quickly. Hence, that is why you have to mix bleach fresh every day. Chlorine actually starts off as a gas and once it is pressurized and cooled it changes into a liquid so it can be shipped. Chlorine is one of the most commonly manufactured chemicals in the United States and was used in World War I as a choking (pulmonary) agent. People’s risk for exposure depends on how close they are to where the chlorine/bleach gas is released. If chlorine/ bleach is released into the air, some people may be exposed through skin or eye contact. They also may be exposed by breathing air that contains chlorine/bleach gases. If chlorine/bleach is not mixed correctly as a sanitizer and comes in contact with food or dishes, people/young children could be exposed to contaminated food.

Bleach Alternatives

D.S.D. Sanitizer

Unlike bleach, D.S.D. is a NSF (formerly know as the National Sanitation Foundation) certified product that can be used to sanitize food equipment, processing surfaces, eating utensils, and drinking glasses without requiring a potable rinse, making it the perfect choice for sanitizing toys, tables, and dishes.


Also, unlike bleach, NU-QUAT is a neutral pH disinfectant/cleaner. It won’t bleach out your clothes and it does not have to be mixed on a daily basis because it is a quaternary ammonia. You don’t have to worry about harmful gases like you do with bleach. NU-QUAT is the perfect product for changing tables because NU-QUAT is a hospital grade germicidal disinfectant and it has a very broad killing spectrum. NU-QUAT is an effective virucidal, fungicidal, and bacterial disinfectant designed for use on hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces. It’s effective against bacteria and viruses (including E-coli, Salmonella, HIV-1, Herpes simplex Types 1 & 2, MRSA, VISA, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Influenza). It is also great for controlling mold and mildew. NU-QUAT eliminates products such as Pine-Sol®, Lysol®, Windex®, Formula 409®, bleach and carpet extraction shampoo. NU-QUAT is your floor to ceiling neutral disinfectant cleaner.

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